The Urgent Problem I am solving now is to help you launch your consulting/coaching program from zero to launch within 5 days without spending decades of experience, without spending lakhs to learn & master this and also without quitting your jobs with 💯 D templates and framework.

Why it is going to be useful to you ?

Because I have spent two long decades to develop and improve simplified version of Growth Specs program and have undergone around 69 courses from international and national coaches for the past 2 decades to crack this code at the investment of more than 80 lakhs which helped me earn 57 awards/recognitions/global publications and that further helped me earn 90 lakhs per annum in just independent consulting.

Who can really derive immense value from these 5 days what's app Class?

Middle-aged Professionals (Mainly Technical Specialists/ Technical Engineers) aged between 30-45 year looking for their individual Growth and wanting to be independent consultants/technical coaches/mentors and hunger to be recognized by industry awards/ industry publications can relate with me the most

Next batch is starting coming Monday for people who have started sharing their pain points/problems already after enrolling for this program (Zero to Launch)... the others who need urgent attention can enroll in this urgent problem solving gamification for your individual growth using this link given below..

Here's is what you will discover step by step to address your urgent problem now..

Day 1 Workshop: How your individual GROWTH can be well aligned with your Core Passion & Positive Strengths?

Day 2 Workshop: How to exactly drilldown to the most appropriate NICHE which will fire you UP to Deliver your BEST?

Day 3 Workshop: How to remove roadblocks for your target audience with your Consulting/Coaching/Mentoring FRAMEWORKS?

Day 4 Workshop: How to further translate your Passion and Positive Strengths with persistence for Problem Solving of People/Society and further help your Individual Growth accordingly?

Day 5 Workshop: To Go-live with your Consulting/Coaching/Mentoring program within 5 days and next steps to consistently build your credibility, visibility and authority and achieve measurable progress over the next 100 days with clear daily metrics for your OWN Growth ?

For action takers who are extremely serious to obtain long term clarity for your career growth as well as execute quick wins to overcome recession challenges here is a special offer.

Special Offer for First 30 Action takers only: Azmath has decided to give away global best practices templates/Career Growth framework worth 1.6 lakhs INR for people who join this program by clicking this below link right now

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